CPF System

The company specializes in providing consulting, design, and construction services in the field of industrial facilities, with a focus on mechanical installations, fire protection, and environmental protection.

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CPF System specializes in providing consulting, design, and construction services. 

The mission focuses on the core purpose of a company's existence, while the vision identifies the long-term goals and direction that the company strives towards.

Our mission is to create the best solutions and optimize investments that provide a secure path for our clients to achieve high business results. 

Our vision reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive and innovative solutions in the industry, positioning us as a key partner in the successful implementation of sustainable industrial facilities. We are focused on delivering services of the highest quality, based on the knowledge and experience of our personnel. 

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  • Consulting and Management of Complex Investment Projects
  • Development of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies
  • Preparation of Technical Documentation - Design
  • Technical Documentation Control
  • Supervision of Construction Works
  • Technical Inspection of Buildings
  • Development of Environmental Protection and Fire Protection Projects
  • Execution of Mechanical Installations, Garage Ventilation Works, Boiler Room, and Warehouse Installations
  • Ready-for-use Delivery and Installation of Flood Protection Systems
  • Technological Installations and Equipment
  • Floor Warehouses and Tanks for Storing Various Fluids
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We provide our clients with top-quality services based on the knowledge and experience of our staff.

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