Environmental protection

Simplify compliance with environmental laws. We offer complete preparation of documentation for:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Integrated Permits (IPPC)
  • Waste Management Permits

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Existing Environmental Impact Assessment Study → Approval from the Municipality/Province/Republic is required, it is an integral part of the technical documentation for the execution of works.

Environmentally responsible design

Preparation of all necessary documents for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Permit (IPPC)

  • Preparation of the application for obtaining an Integrated Permit
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Energy Efficiency Measures Plan
  • Monitoring Plan
  • Accident Prevention and Mitigation Measures Plan
  • Environmental Protection Measures Plan after Shutdown and Closure of the Facility
  • Program of Measures for Adapting the Operation of Existing Facilities to Conditions Prescribed by Law (Best Available Techniques - BAT technologies)
  • Operational Plan for Waste Management Facility
  • Accident Protection Plan
  • Closure Plan for the Facility

Documentation for permits in waste management

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