Engineering, design, and construction of industrial facilities and systems

We are focused on providing services that include precise planning, design, and construction of industrial facilities, as well as complex engineering solutions. We are focused on achieving top results, taking into account the latest technologies and industry standards. Our team of experts designs and builds industrial facilities with a high level of engineering expertise and efficient project execution, with a focus on detail, performance optimization and sustainable development.

Designing is the process of creating technical documentation for a set task that combines all phases of the construction of an object.

At the very beginning, the goals and project tasks are defined. Here you, as the client, are the most important to tell our experts what you want and what your ideas are.

The design process consists of several phases:

  • Development of Conceptual Design
  • Preparation of a Conceptual Project for Obtaining Location Conditions
  • Preparation of the Project for obtaining a building permit (PGD). Preparation of all necessary studies and reports
  • Preparation of the Execution Project (PZI)
  • Preparation of the As-Built Project, Mandatory Documentation Only in Case of Deviation from the Project for Obtaining a Building Permit

Development of technical documentation - design

Construction supervision

We provide the service of complete professional supervision of the construction of new buildings and the reconstruction of existing buildings. Supervision of the buildings is carried out by a team of experts who have licenses in the relevant fields. Professional supervision is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Planning and Construction, the Regulation on the Content and Manner of Performing Professional Supervision, the Regulation on the Content and Performance of Technical Inspection of the Building, standards, technical regulations, professional rules and relevant regulations for this type of work.

Technical inspection of the facility includes:

  • verification of the completeness of technical and other documentation for the construction of the facility, or for the execution of works;
  • control of the compliance of the executed works with the building permit, technical documentation, as well as the conditions on the basis of which it is determined that the object is suitable for use;

Technical Inspection of Buildings

Project Execution

For clients' needs, we execute works using the ready-for-use system or according to approved projects:

  • HVAC installations
  • Refrigeration chambers
  • Compressor stations
  • Gas boiler rooms and biomass boiler rooms
  • Technological Installations and Equipment
  • Floor warehouses
  • Installation of tanks for various fluids
3D scanning and modeling technology has many advantages, such as precision, speed, ease of use, the ability to create 3D models, and versatility in various environments.
It is increasingly used to start the design process and to more easily manage the entire project.
After scanning, point cloud data is converted into a 3D model.

3D scanning and modeling

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